Doing Business with Al Furat Petroleum Company

Al Furat Petroleum Company (AFPC) is a Syrian joint stock company principally between the Syrian Government , Shell and Himalaya Energy. AFPC has been operating since 1985 and is the largest producer of oil and gas in Syria. AFPC enjoys the reputation as one of the premier companies in Syria. The main concession areas of AFPC are to the north and east of Deir Ez Zor.

AFPC contract out a wide range of services, and also purchases all types of equipment and materials used in the oil and gas industry. AFPC currently has contracts with many major Western oil and gas service companies and manufacturers. While traditionally AFPC contractors and suppliers have been mainly Western or Syrian, in common with the rest of the industry, AFPC is actively seeking potential contractors and suppliers in China, Russia, India and other Eastern countries. AFPC are also actively seeking to develop the Syrian market and welcome all proposals from Syrian companies.

Tendering for AFPC required materials & Services

For the provision of Materials and Services valued more than USD 150,000 AFPC will in most cases go for public announcement or inviting selected specific bidders. For materials or services valued at less than USD 150,000, AFPC in most cases will contact selected bidders registered in AFPC to provide such type of materials or services. A bidder can at any time seek inclusion on this list by submitting full company details to PBS (see below).

Bid submissions and evaluations

All bids must be submitted by the stated closing date and for competitive tendering, must contain the final offer of the bidder. AFPC does not for such bids engage in any form of negotiation after the closing date. All bid evaluations are carried out strictly to established procedures and pre-determined evaluation criteria in line with the tender book to ensure that all bidders are fairly compared with each other. Award is made to the lowest bidder based on overall value to AFPC.

Services & materials required by AFPC

AFPC requires materials and services covering the following activities: Drilling, well engineering, well services, construction, operation and maintenance of oil and gas facilities, and support services such as transportation, catering, accommodation and cleaning.

How to get Tender Books

For tenders by selected bidder(s), AFPC will notify bidder(s) how to collect Tender Books.
For tenders by public announcements, bidders should regularly check the AFPC website, Syrian newspapers or the Syrian Official Bulletin

Tender Books for these tenders can be obtained in two ways:

1- downloading the Tender Book free of charge from AFPC website

2- collecting paper copy of Tender Book against payment of SP 2,500 or EUR 40 from AFPC Head Office, New Sham – Western Dummar, Island No. 1 – Property 2299, Damascus, Syria.

to contact in AFPC for queries

For queries on bidder and manufacturer lists:
Head Business Management & Local Market Development (PIM/1)
tel.: 963 11 618 5384
fax.: 963 11 618 4441

For general contracting and procurement queries:
tel.: 963 11 618 5313
fax.: 963 11 618 4441

AFPC Standard Documents

The following standard documents can be downloaded from AFPC website:

- Statement of General Business Principles

- Standard Terms and Conditions